DIY Coin Operated Dog Wash

When your dog gets a little on the dirty side just bring him into our store and you can give him a luxury bath in our self serve coin operated dog wash.

Everything is supplied from the machine including shampoo, conditioners to suit different coat types. The hose hand held dryer will fluff up your dog and he or she will leave dry and smelling sweet!!! If you don't feel up to the self serve just book for our professional dog grooming service. which operates 7 days a week.

Here are the basic steps involved:

  1. Lead the dog into the tub and secure them with a simple catch-chain.
  2. Insert $10-$12 (price determined by the K9000® operator) to start the wash cycle. More coins can be deposited after the standard cycle to continue washing.
  3. Wash the dog using a soft-touch, adjustable wash gun, premium washing products and fresh, temperature-controlled water.
  4. Dry the dog using the two-speed drier.
  5. Use the disinfect cycle to wash the K9000® basin and ensure that it’s clean and ready to go for the next user.